I See It - Part 3


Most of us will not encounter a tragic life or death situation in our lives, but for many who have and survived it, their stories will be sprinkled with hope. Hope can literally be what brings you or your situation back to life, when it may feels like you have no reason to hold on. In part three of "I See It," Pastor Tye shares the story of the three Hebrew boys (Shadrach, Meshach and Obednego) and how their hope in Jesus ultimately saved them from the flames of death.

I See It - Part 2

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Having faith is based on the Word of God, it's easier to believe in because you have a word to stand on. However, having hope can be more difficult, as you simply have to know and believe there has to be more then what you are seeing in your situation. Once you have established your hope, then you have to move towards it, even if you can't see it yet. In the second part of the series, "I See It," Pastor Tye explains why seeing things from God's perspective, in the areas of struggle in your life, make it so much easier to have hope.

I See It

In the book of Lamentations, the Prophet Jeremiah, was lamenting about all the horrible things he had experienced and seen happen to himself and the people of God. However, because of his believe in trust in the Lord, he could still end on a high note by saying "...But this I call to mind, therefore I have hope!" He was quick to remember all of the wonderful things the Lord had already done for him, and trusted God would still see him through!  In this message of hope, "I See It," Pastor Tye shares why we need to change our perception of what we may be going through, and start giving praise to the Lord, even before we see what we're hoping for come to pass.

Let's Do Lunch!


Often times, people will wish for things to happen, but never truly have the confidence that it will. We can be so programmed to believe that something bad will happen first, before we are convinced that something good will take place. But truly having hope, means that you have a confident and joyful expectation that something good is going to happen for you. In this message, "Let's Do Lunch," Pastor Tye encourages us to take our hope to lunch! It's a call to revisit your hopes, dreams and aspirations, and take time to reflect on the things that feed your hope.



Hebrews 11:1 is often known as the "faith verse," but it also speaks of faith being the "substance of things hoped for." So what exactly does it mean to have hope? Hope is living in the realm of expectancy and resting in the reality that God will never stop being good. In this inspiring message "iHope," Pastor Tye shares why having hope is not simply a feeling, but a conscious decision.

Lose Control


Growing up, you're taught that being responsible is to always "be in control" of your life and decisions. You are encouraged to be independent and make things happen for yourself. However, as a Believer, God's desire for you is completely counter-culture, as He wants you to give Him total control of your life, and to follow His leading. In the message, "Lose Control," Pastor Tye explains what it means to give up control and trust God to do amazing things in your life... or stay on the same level; doing everything on your own strength.

Baby Shower

Baby showers are fun times as everyone is celebrating the baby that is on the way. But what if you were told you were having a baby shower, for what is growing inside of you? In this prophetic message, “Baby Shower,” Pastor Tye shares how we are all pregnant with purpose and how we must nurture and celebrate the special gifts the Lord is birthing within each of us.

iRest - Part 2


In today’s culture, needing rest is sometimes looked at as a weakness. People would rather be a part of “team no sleep,” believing its better to always be on the grind, then to give their mind, body and spirit time to rest. But rest allows you to reflect on what the Lord has already done and refocus on what He is preparing you to do. In the second part of his message, “iRest,” Pastor Tye shares why resting is more than just sleep, but a a true state of mind.



Though there may be debates on what day is the Sabbath or the ways to observe the Sabbath, there is no question that the need to rest is important to God. On the seventh day, after making all of creation, the Lord God rested; not because He needed to, but as an example for us. In this essential message, “iRest,” Pastor Tye breaks down why living our lives in a posture of rest, brings freedom from anxiety and worry.

Friends - Part 2


When considering friends, it’s important to know the difference between a true friend or an associate. Friends are not “one size fits all,” and not everyone deserves full access to your life. In the second part of the message, “Friends,” Pastor Tye shares why it’s wise to compartmentalize our friends, and set your expectations of them accordingly.



While no one is able to choose their family, one choice we do have is our friends. Friends are the ones we hang out with most and maybe even confide in often. Why? Because they are usually a reflection of us in some way. So what do your friends say about you? Pastor Tye shares in this practical message, “Friends,” why we should be careful of who we surround ourselves with, as in time, they just may be who we become.

Get Lost - Part 2

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Getting lost is never fun, nor is trying to find your way around in the dark. Yet, the Lord has the power to illuminate every situation in our lives, and we are safe to take refuge in him. Sometimes, when we allow ourselves to get lost in His presence, that's when we can truly find our way. In the continuation of his message, "Get Lost," Pastor Tye explains why many times we make ourselves vulnerable to danger, because we're too exposed, and refuse to lose ourselves in the safety of God's presence.

Get Lost

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The month of October marks the season of harvest, but in the Western culture it's known more for being a time of ghost, goblins and all things scary. Add those things, to what's going on in the world right now (from hurricanes to mass shootings) and it is enough to invoke a spirit of fear into the atmosphere. However, 2 Timothy 1:7 says we were given the spirit of power love and a sound mind; not fear! In Pastor Tye's message, "Get Lost," he shares how getting lost in the Lord's presences keeps us from fear, stress and trouble.

Relationship Over Rules


At times Christianity is seen simply as a bunch of rules to obey and sins to avoid. However, Jesus already paid the ultimate price for our sins and instead wants us to focus on growing our relationship with Him. When we take the focus off of sin, and instead focus on Christ, He gives us the ability to live right; without condemnation. In the powerful sermon, "Relationship Over Rules," Pastor Tye shares why instead of trying to be independent of God, by trying not to break the rules, we should depend on Him and watch our relationship flourish.

What Do You See - Part 2


One of the miracles Jesus performed the most, was healing those who were blind. Without your physical sight, it is hard to see things clearly... but when you're spiritually blind, it's hard to see the vision the Lord has set before you. When we don't have a clear vision, we may be quick to give up on a situation, but nothing is too hard for our God! In a continuation of his message, "What Do You See?," Pastor Tye encourages us to stop looking at our situations as impossible, and instead ask the Lord for clear vision and revelation.

Choose Wisely


Everyday we wake up, we are faced with choices. As Believers, our choice may be to choose to obey and do what we know is right, or to disobey and do what we want to do. Ultimately, no one can make us do anything, as our choices... are ours to make. The enemy knows this, and will use our disobedience, to bring suffering into our lives. In the lesson, "Choose Wisely," Pastor Tye shares why it's not our conditions in life, but our decisions in life, that control our destiny.

What Do You See?

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One of the greatest lessons Jesus taught the Disciples was the importance of becoming or seeing things, like a child. Children are so dependent on others for everything, that they simply trust they will be taken cared of, and aren't bogged down by the cares of the world. In the sermon, "What Do You See," Pastor Tye teaches that in order to truly make it in the Kingdom of God, we must have the heart of a child and be converted in our minds, to see things the way our Heavenly Father does. 

Can You Stand the Rain?

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Most people prefer a bright sunny day, instead of the rain, as rain is seen as not so great weather. However, if it wasn't for the rainy days, nothing would grow, as the rain helps renew and sustain life. But what about when it seems like it's raining in your life; can you stand the rain? Pastor Tye shows us how the Lord uses the rainy seasons in our lives to produce spiritual growth, character and to draw us closer to Him.

Singing in the Rain!


As the Live Church family joined others in Florida and the Caribbean to brace themselves for Hurricane Irma, we constantly heard on the news about the "bad and inclement" weather headed our way.  What do you do when the storms of life seem to be heading your way, and you can't simply do what you want to do? That is when you have to truly believe that the Lord's plans for your life, will not end in disaster. In this week's Bible study message, "Singing In The Rain," Pastor Tye shows us how we can completely trust in the Lord and the plans He has for our lives, even in uncertain times.

House Party!


When the prodigal son returned home, before he could even finish apologizing, his father was ready to cover him with the finest clothes, kill the fatted calf and throw a house party in his honor! He was so thankful that his son had come to himself, and returned home, and he wanted his son to know that he never stopped loving him. While we may not be able to choose our families, and may not even like some of our family members at times, it is our calling to be sure our families always have provision and protection.  As LiVe celebrated our "House Party/Family Reunion," Pastor Tye shares why we should never have to go outside of the love of our families, to receive the provision and security that we need.