While no one is able to choose their family, one choice we do have is our friends. Friends are the ones we hang out with most and maybe even confide in often. Why? Because they are usually a reflection of us in some way. So what do your friends say about you? Pastor Tye shares in this practical message, “Friends,” why we should be careful of who we surround ourselves with, as in time, they just may be who we become.

Get Lost - Part 2

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Getting lost is never fun, nor is trying to find your way around in the dark. Yet, the Lord has the power to illuminate every situation in our lives, and we are safe to take refuge in him. Sometimes, when we allow ourselves to get lost in His presence, that's when we can truly find our way. In the continuation of his message, "Get Lost," Pastor Tye explains why many times we make ourselves vulnerable to danger, because we're too exposed, and refuse to lose ourselves in the safety of God's presence.

Get Lost

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The month of October marks the season of harvest, but in the Western culture it's known more for being a time of ghost, goblins and all things scary. Add those things, to what's going on in the world right now (from hurricanes to mass shootings) and it is enough to invoke a spirit of fear into the atmosphere. However, 2 Timothy 1:7 says we were given the spirit of power love and a sound mind; not fear! In Pastor Tye's message, "Get Lost," he shares how getting lost in the Lord's presences keeps us from fear, stress and trouble.

Relationship Over Rules


At times Christianity is seen simply as a bunch of rules to obey and sins to avoid. However, Jesus already paid the ultimate price for our sins and instead wants us to focus on growing our relationship with Him. When we take the focus off of sin, and instead focus on Christ, He gives us the ability to live right; without condemnation. In the powerful sermon, "Relationship Over Rules," Pastor Tye shares why instead of trying to be independent of God, by trying not to break the rules, we should depend on Him and watch our relationship flourish.

What Do You See - Part 2


One of the miracles Jesus performed the most, was healing those who were blind. Without your physical sight, it is hard to see things clearly... but when you're spiritually blind, it's hard to see the vision the Lord has set before you. When we don't have a clear vision, we may be quick to give up on a situation, but nothing is too hard for our God! In a continuation of his message, "What Do You See?," Pastor Tye encourages us to stop looking at our situations as impossible, and instead ask the Lord for clear vision and revelation.

Choose Wisely


Everyday we wake up, we are faced with choices. As Believers, our choice may be to choose to obey and do what we know is right, or to disobey and do what we want to do. Ultimately, no one can make us do anything, as our choices... are ours to make. The enemy knows this, and will use our disobedience, to bring suffering into our lives. In the lesson, "Choose Wisely," Pastor Tye shares why it's not our conditions in life, but our decisions in life, that control our destiny.

What Do You See?

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One of the greatest lessons Jesus taught the Disciples was the importance of becoming or seeing things, like a child. Children are so dependent on others for everything, that they simply trust they will be taken cared of, and aren't bogged down by the cares of the world. In the sermon, "What Do You See," Pastor Tye teaches that in order to truly make it in the Kingdom of God, we must have the heart of a child and be converted in our minds, to see things the way our Heavenly Father does. 

Can You Stand the Rain?

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Most people prefer a bright sunny day, instead of the rain, as rain is seen as not so great weather. However, if it wasn't for the rainy days, nothing would grow, as the rain helps renew and sustain life. But what about when it seems like it's raining in your life; can you stand the rain? Pastor Tye shows us how the Lord uses the rainy seasons in our lives to produce spiritual growth, character and to draw us closer to Him.

Singing in the Rain!


As the Live Church family joined others in Florida and the Caribbean to brace themselves for Hurricane Irma, we constantly heard on the news about the "bad and inclement" weather headed our way.  What do you do when the storms of life seem to be heading your way, and you can't simply do what you want to do? That is when you have to truly believe that the Lord's plans for your life, will not end in disaster. In this week's Bible study message, "Singing In The Rain," Pastor Tye shows us how we can completely trust in the Lord and the plans He has for our lives, even in uncertain times.

House Party!


When the prodigal son returned home, before he could even finish apologizing, his father was ready to cover him with the finest clothes, kill the fatted calf and throw a house party in his honor! He was so thankful that his son had come to himself, and returned home, and he wanted his son to know that he never stopped loving him. While we may not be able to choose our families, and may not even like some of our family members at times, it is our calling to be sure our families always have provision and protection.  As LiVe celebrated our "House Party/Family Reunion," Pastor Tye shares why we should never have to go outside of the love of our families, to receive the provision and security that we need. 

Prep School - "Don't Believe the Hype 2" - Part 6

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In the last Prep School series message, "Don't Believe The Hype Pt.2," Pastor Tye reminds us how important it is to have a vision. If you are tuned in more to the hype around you, with no vision, you'll never know if your missing the mark. Don't let hype (noise) in life, drown out your vision. 

Prep School - "Don't Believe the Hype!" - Part 5

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In the culture, to "hype" something up, usually means to make noise around it, even if sometimes the hype isn't warranted. As we prepare ourselves for what God has for us, there will be some noise around us, that we'll have to shut out. As we continue our Prep School series, in the message "Don't Believe The Hype," Pastor Tye tells us how to silence the noise and focus on what is better. 

Prep School - "Healthy For Harvest" - Part 4


Farming in the Bible times was very grueling work. Workers not only had to go out and sow seeds for harvest, but be ready when those crops finally sprung up, to gather them. Someone would want to be in good physical shape to reap what was sowed. Just like a farmer, if we want to be ready to receive all the Lord has for us, then we need to be preparing ourselves now, for when our "harvest" comes. In the fourth lesson in our Prep School series, "Healthy For Harvest" Pastor Tye shares how our mind, stability and security have to be healthy in order for us to "reap" blessings the Lord has for us.

Prep School - "GET READY 2" - Part 3

One thing to consider in preparation, is the process can be a hard one, as you work towards your goal. Your life doesn't automatically get better, but in most cases, things will be difficult before you see the silver lining. But thankfully, as Believers, you do not have to prepare on your own and can rely on the Lord to be your strength. As we continue in the Prep School series, with the lesson "It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better," Pastor Tye show us that sometimes better is the ending of a thing, then the beginning of it.


Prep School - "Practice Makes Perfect" - Part 2

It is so easy to get caught up in the headlines we see or hear on the news, and not consider the best ways to react as Believers. However, preparation for some daunting times ahead (of which the Bible speaks of),  is essential in staying the course in turbulent times. 

In the message, "Prep School" part 2, Pastor Tye  gives keys to Believers, on how to truly prepare themselves, to spiritually react to the world events around us.

Prep School - "GET READY"

Most people love a good surprise, but you may be intrigued to find that surprises aren't mentioned in the Bible. God isn't big on surprising us. He outlines in His word what He will do and instructs us on how to live. He desires for us to live our lives, in the best case scenario, and the only way for us to do that is to be prepared. In this new series "Prep School", Pastor Tye shares why it's our preparation for what God has for us, that will ultimately lead to our blessings.

Have a Seat

They're may be times when we feel the things that have happened to us, may define who we are forever. But just as God could took Mephibosheth from a low place to kings table, He can do the same for us. Pastor Tye shares how we all can have a seat set for us, at the the Lord's table.

Identity Crisis - Part 2

In 2nd Samuel is the story of King David finally taking the throne in Israel.  He wanted to honor his late friend Jonathan, by showing kindness to someone left in his family. The only heir left was Jonathan's son, Mephibosheth, who happened to be crippled in both feet. In the continuation of, "Identity Crisis" Pastor Tye shares why we can't let what has happened to us define us, as we're still part of God's family.