"Freed Up!" - Look Up Pt2

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Being restricted or in bondage, especially against your own free will, is one of the worst feelings to experience. What's even worse, is when your bondage is caused by your own thoughts, actions or lust (strong desires). However, the spirit of lust is strong, has no conscience and can even disguise itself as love; and can't be broken without the help of a loving God who can set you free. In this call to freedom, Pastor Tye, declares why the Lord is the only one who has the ability to free us from the lust that binds us; and why He can't wait to set us free!

Listen Up - Part 2

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We are bombarded by information everyday; so many voices and so many things to steal our attention. At times it may even be difficult to know the right voices or messages to listen to. However, the Holy Spirit will never steer you wrong and if you choose to listen to His voice first... you can be assured you'll have success in all you pursue. In the second part of the message, "Listen Up," Pastor Tye stresses how the key to our success in this new year, is listening to the voice of the Lord, so He can fully develop us- and take us to our next level.

Wills Up!

It's been said, "Where there's a will...there's a way," meaning if someone really is willing to do something; it can happen. But what does it really mean to will to do something, opposed to just wanting to do it? Your will is your faculty by which you decide on something and truly do it; your expression of a future desire. Only the Lord can give you the will or desires to please Him, instead of just basing life on what we want. Pastor Tye speaks in his message, "Wills Up," about the importance of taking our low desires - to a higher level- as we allow the Lord's power to work in us. 

Listen Up!

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As a Believer, there may be times where we struggle with making the best or right decision. Thankfully, while He was here on earth, Jesus promised a helper in the form of the Holy Spirit, who can give us wisdom. But in order to tap into the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, we must ask for it and listen when He speaks. In this practical message, "Listen Up," Pastor Tye challenges us not to simply walk in the ways of the culture, but instead walk in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit; as you listen to His voice.

Set it Up!

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At the end of each year, some people decide to reflect on their year, evaluate what went right or wrong and resolve to improve in some areas. Those principles are a great start to a new year, but what's even more important is asking the Lord for guidance in how to flow into this new year. We have to let go of the notion that things are better when left in our hands, instead allow Him to help us set up our year in the right direction. As Pastor Tye's shares in his message, "Set It Up," where you set something is eventually where it will go. As you set up your 2018, with the help of the Holy Spirit, He'll give you the plan to achieve the goals He has set before you in this new year. 

The Come Up


There is a difference between someone telling you to "go up" verses being asked to "come up." Where one sounds like a command of possible uncertainty of what to expect upon arrival, the other sounds more like an invitation to experience somewhere that someone has already explored; and are simply waiting for you to join them. In this prophetic message "The Come Up, Pastor Tye shares the word the Lord gave him for LiVe Church in 2018, of God's promise to elevate the lives of His people in all areas. It's time to desire to go higher and experience the fullness of life the Lord wants His children to experience.

That was Then

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It's so easy when we make a mistake or commit a sin, to remain in that place of shame or bondage. However, Jesus didn't die on the cross for our sins, to still be angry at us or expect us to wallow in our pity or shame forever. In fact, He's given us the Holy Spirit to help us to move forward, to no longer trip up over the same sin and to receive His grace. During a very hope-filled message, on the last Wednesday of Bible Study for the year, Pastor Tye shares in "That Was Then",why God's grace is a gift freely given to us, and the very reason we should stop looking back at our mistakes.

Baby Stages

All of us come into this world as a baby, which is one of the most critical and fragile stages of life. In fact, the "baby stages" of anything- be it a child, business or even a relationship- are the most vulnerable times. It is during the "baby stages" that our enemy (Satan) likes to attack, so he can harm us when we are the most open. His evil plan is to try and control us during any young phase, so he can plant his seeds into our lives or circumstance. In this poignant message "Baby Stages", given during LiVe's Baby Dedication Service, Pastor Tye shares why one of our best defenses against the enemy is simply growing up! When we turn over the areas of our lives that need growth, Jesus can protect us by maturing us in no time.

20 Years Strong

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This year, Pastor Tye & Pastor Te' were blessed to celebrate 20 years of marriage! They celebrated with their church family with some amazing special guest, who shared on a panel about love, relationships, raising children and how to pursue godly relationships that can last a lifetime. Listen to this special podcast, moderated by Pastor Tye & Te', featuring married couples: David & Tamela Mann, Devon & Megan Franklin and Kim Fields & Christopher Morgan - as they share personal gems from their lives and lessons they've learned in love. Be sure to stay tuned through the end of the podcast to here the touching testimony of Pastor Tye & Te's journey of their 20 years together!

Never Be The Same - Part 5 "THE CURE"

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While most people believe there is "a god" and that there is something "beyond themselves," many do not like to acknowledge the actual existence of Jesus as God. Because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for our sins; to acknowledge Him, means you have to acknowledge that we were sick in sin and needed a Savior. God in His goodness sent His Son, Jesus... but sadly many run from the very One that can heal them inside and out. In the powerful message, "The Cure," Pastor Tye reveals why we shouldn't keep trying to love Jesus, and yet walk around in brokenness, when we have total and complete access to the cure we need in Him.

Never Be The Same - Part 4


While most people can look at God and believe that He is good, it's a lot harder to imagine God seeing us as good. Jesus however, makes that possible! Jesus, is the mediator between us and God the Father, allowing God to see us already in our perfected state. That is why even in the midst of the messy parts of our life, God can still bless us, because He sees us through the lens of Jesus' eyes. In the fourth offering of the sermon, "Never The Same," Pastor Tye shares why truly knowing that God is a good God, will ultimately lead you to expect good things to happen in your life, as you understand the goodness He sees in you too.

Never Be The Same - Part 3


So many Christians make their focus to live right, simply a way for them to avoid going to hell. When the fear of hell is more of your focus, then the true goodness of God, you are simply trying to endure life... instead of really enjoying it. God's desire for us however, is not to live life trying to dodge sin, but to enjoy our walk with Him. In part 3 of the sermon, "Never The Same," Pastor Tye emphasizes God's love for us and why He desires to bless, and not to simply punish us for what we believe we've done wrong.